How It Works


How Opening a Secret Works


The most basic way to open a secret is to load the URL in your browser.

You may also receive an email informing you that someone has shared a secret URL with you. You

How 1Secret works - Opening from email

If the secret is password-encrypted, you'll be provided with a password prompt. Note that the number of attempts will decrease only when the secret is unlocked successfully with the correct password.

How 1Secret works - Unlocking a password-encrypted secret

When you open a regular or encrypted secret, you can see and interact with the contents.

How 1Secret works - Unlocking a password-encrypted secret
  • a File name - If there's a file attachment, the name of the file will be the same as the random part of the URL.
  • b File/image - Images will be rendered as a thumbnail in low resolution. You can download an attached file by clicking the Download original button. In the case of images, this will download the image at its original size and resolution (no alteration is applied to files on the server).
  • c Message controls - If the secret contains a text message, it will be rendered as raw text. You can conveniently copy it to the clipboard or save it as a text file.
  • d Expiration info - This shows when the secret will expire (UTC time).
  • e Attempts left - In this example, the secret can be opened 9 more times. This includes refreshing the page, or opening it on another device or by someone else.