I have many more features planned for 1Secret. Here are some of them. Note that these features are listed roughly in priority order, but things can and will change.


💾 Storage

  • More storage!
  • The public beta limits the total storage allocated to each user type but the main order of business after the beta ends is to increase allowances for everyone. I'm aiming at 100MB for Free users, and at least 1GB for Premium users.
  • In addition, I'm planning a shift to an improved storage solution that should handle a larger volume of transactions easily.

📁 File size

  • Larger file sizes!
  • The maximum upload limit for each file is intentionally low at the moment. Once the new storage solution is implemented, individual file size maximums should increase to somewhere around 10MB for Free users, and 100MB for Premium users.

🗂 Multiple files per secret

  • Currently you can attach one file per secret but the next logical (and very useful) step is to allow multiple files to be attached.

🍱 More file types

  • I will be adding a lot more file types, such as .md, .epub, .sql, .avi, .mpeg, .mp3, and many more.

🎛 Secret creation UI

  • All the storage related features above will require a more robust UI for creating a secret.

💵 Billing and payments

  • A built-in payment solution sounds like a no-brainer, but I've decided that during the public beta, and perhaps even after, I won't implement payments right away. For one thing, I haven't yet decided on a solution that would satisfy most people's preferences. Some prefer CC, others Paypal. For another, I think there are higher priorities than accepting money. Don't worry, there are still plenty of ways I can take your money, if you would let me have it. I'll even accept cryptocurrency.

🌎 Timezone

  • Save your local timezone in Settings. Currently the time is displayed in UTC.

🔦 Code highlighting

  • For source code text, I would like to offer some form of basic highlighting.

📄 Markdown render

  • Developers will appreciate a nicely rendered markdown secret. I know I would.

♿️ a11y aka Accessibility pass

  • Accessibility is becoming increasingly more important. There will likely be multiple accessibility passes, seeking to improve the app's usability, especially with screen readers.
⭐️ Premium

⚙️ Settings

  • Save preferred durations and number of attempts in Settings, for quicker secret creation.

🏷 Labels

  • Label individual secrets. Currently, secrets are distinguished only by the short URL, but labels will provide an easy way to tell what a secret contains. Just choose a description that doesn't give away the contents.

✏️ Edit secrets

  • Edit ongoing secrets. Change the text content, add and remove files.

🌗 Dark mode

  • I like my dark mode in certain apps and it makes sense to give you that option. A recipient will see the secret in your default mode, but you can toggle that before you create it.
🌟 Pro tier

A more costly Pro account type will offer even more storage as well as additional features, some of which are detailed below.

👥 Teams

  • Billing will be handled by the master account, who can invite other users to the team. Storage will be shared amongst the team.

⚡️ API

  • A REST-ful API will allow Pro users to craft their own UI on top of 1Secret's infrastructure.

🎣 Webhooks

  • Be notified when certain events occur (for example when a secret is opened).

𝒁 Zapier integration

  • Zapier has become ubiquitous in cross-app integration. 1Secret is a good candidate for that.

🤖️ Automation

  • I have various ideas on how to automate certain tasks that businesses and companies might find useful. To be revealed at a later date.